2010-02-27 01:21:33

My blog now supports markdown in pages and blog entries! :)

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A lot of work!

2009-06-17 05:21:27

I've been putting a lot more work into my blog. I now have my own short url service, static wiki like pages, and new blog posts will have a nice url instead of that weird hash thing!

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Enable screen locking in Mac OS X

2009-04-27 21:40:03

I've seen a few ways of lock your screen on the Mac and this is by far the best and fastest way of locking your screen.

First open up Finder and go to Applications then Utilities. In the Utilities folder find "Keychain Access" and open it.
Now that Keychain Access is open go to Keychain Access in the menu bar and click "Preferences..".

Click here to read the rest.

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Bye CherryPy

2009-04-12 04:15:53

I'm moving away from CherryPy. It was taking over 1,500ms of cpu time to render a simple page even when the whole page was being cached with memcache. Without CherryPy it is taking 75ms-200ms.

EDIT: CherryPy is now completely gone.

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Photo gallery!

2009-04-13 03:34:35

I've started on what will become a photo gallery. It can be viewed here.

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